Promotion of pulses addressed at House of Lords event

Published 03rd August 2022 | Articles

The role of pulses in meeting climate and health goals was highlighted by Pulses UK at a recent meeting of the All-Party Food and Health Forum.

The forum is an opportunity to talk to Lords and industry members about the food and health industry.

The committee meeting on 12th July focused on sugar reduction schemes and reformulation of known and enjoyed products in the effort to reduce sugar consumption in the UK, while considering the need for high fibre and protein content in our diets.

Members of the forum, including Pulses UK, were able to put questions to the panel, made up of Freddie Von Kauffman, Royal Society for Public Health, Kate Halliwell, Food and Drink Federation, and Lauren Bandy, University of Oxford.

Pulses UK Vice President Michael Shuldham said: “Pulses feature on the Eatwell Guide but are rarely the first comment when talking of ‘alternative proteins’.

“I put it to the panel that pulses are products grown here in the UK that help the industry meet its environmental and health goals. I also asked why they’re being overlooked by large food and drink manufacturers as they work towards meeting those goals.

“There was a genuinely positive response about pulses and their health and environmental benefits. The need to utilise them more was universally agreed, but a pathway to achieve this is not yet clear.”

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