About Us

Pulses UK’s top priority is securing a brighter future for the industry and its members, communicating the value of pulses in the rotation, and capitalising on the increasing demand by encouraging the production of pulses in the UK and worldwide.

We have a role to highlight to the British public that peas and beans can be a great protein in their diets, delivering value-for-money and numerous nutritional properties.

We collaborate with research bodies and plant breeders to develop seed and produce quality schemes to maintain the UK’s reputation as the gold standard of pulses worldwide.

We believe pulses play an integral role in realising policy-makers’ environmental ambitions and we are working to promote pulses as a healthy, high-protein and high-fibre product, made at home within more sustainable agri-food systems. Pulses UK represents its members and provides a platform for the industry’s views to be heard by policymakers.

Michael Shuldham

President of Pulses UK

Having grown up surrounded by agriculture in South Yorkshire I went on to study Agribusiness at Harper Adams University, during which time I worked for a major UK merchant; gaining experience of seed and fertiliser markets, commodity trading, and logistics. After graduating in 2018 I continued to work on an arable farm in the UK and in the Swiss Alps before starting a new role on the commercial team at LS Plant Breeding.

Pulses have an enormous capacity to help solve some of the greatest challenges facing the UK and wider world including climate change, biodiversity loss, volatile food supply and poor air and water quality, whilst being economically viable and a source of high quality nutrition. For these reasons there is a huge future for pulses in agriculture, supply chains and diets.

We have an opportunity to help pulses realise that future, and with the wealth of knowledge and expertise of our member organisations, I’m looking forward to working with James to promote pulses as the versatile and important crops that they are. 

Will Ringrose

Vice-President of Pulses UK

I am the Head of Oilseeds and Human Consumption Pulses at ADM Agriculture. My role within the business is to strengthen our links within the UK pulse supply chain. This includes increasing consumer engagement in UK pulses and increasing supplier confidence in not only growing pulses but having access to the right markets.  

I grew up in rural Lincolnshire surrounded by the local farming community, I was also lucky enough spend a lot my youth on the family arable farm in south Lincolnshire.  Following  school I went on to study Business Management and Marketing at Harper Adams University, during which I spent a year in industry working for Gleadell Agriculture in Lincolnshire. It was at this time I got a real feel for how farming linked with the end consumer. Once I graduated I re-joined the industry and worked for ADM Direct. A number of years later I am pleased to still be working for ADM now managing the national portfolio for Oilseeds and Human consumption pulses.

Having only worked in the pulse industry for a few years I have noticed the knowledge base and resources we have available to our industry. Harnessing those resources, I believe will offer significant value to the supply chain at a time where the agricultural industry will be going through a period of change.  

Its noticeable that our suppliers are having to change their growing practices each season due to climate change, loss of available agronomic products which impacts the viability of growing pulses here in the UK. One of our goals is to increase awareness of how these changes are affecting our UK supply chain and highlight the many benefits of UK pulses to our ever growing end consumer market. Furthermore, as consumer trends change brings further demand for protein products and product diversification. Working with our end consumers we are able to identify and develop market opportunities to help increase supply chain engagement.


1950 – 1975

The Pea Pickers and Pea Packers Association was formed in 1975, representing processors & users of British-produced pulse crops in the UK and worldwide.

1975 – 2018

BEPA (British Edible Pulse Association) was formed in 1975 to succeed the Pea Pickers and Pea Packers Association. The purpose of the association is to support the interests of its Members.


BEPA rebranded and relaunched as Pulses UK in 2018 to bring it in line with international partners and to be more easily recognised by the wider food chain and consumers.


Pulses UK launches new members Website.

The key aims and achievements of Pulses UK

  • Encourage the production of Pulses in the UK
  • Encourage the consumption of Pulses in the UK and worldwide, with a focus on British
  • Further the education of the UK public regarding the production and consumption of pulses
  • Liaise with UK government and other national and international associations to encourage to production of pulses in the UK
  • Work with research bodies and plant breeders to ensure that the UK has the best quality pulses grows and is the gold standard of pulses quality worldwide
  • Encouraging the consumption of home-produced pulses by promoting their value as healthy, high protein and high fibre foods.
  • Providing a forum where members can exchange views, agree policy and develop their businesses through discussions on a variety of topics.
  • The development of seed and produce quality schemes, when needed, to ensure that UK pulses are of the highest quality for varietal purity.
  • The extension of aid schemes to encompass human consumption pulses.
  • The introduction of special recipes that exploit the value-for-money and nutritional properties of UK pulses.

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