Export Markets

Pulses have long been a staple food in the Middle East and North Africa and are the basic ingredients of dishes such as the traditional Egyptian breakfast dish of ful mesdames.

UK pulse producers and traders have developed a strong market to the region for both bulk and bagged and beans where the quality of UK pulses are valued.

BEPA members have also developed export markets for UK-produced pulses all over the world. Dry roasted bar snacks plus sweet pea paste go to the Far East  as confectionery products, while the export market for Marrowfat peas has grown to supplement the traditional home market with the better samples exported to the Far East where they are used as snack peas.

If you would like to know more about the end uses of pulses – for the feed industry, for the food industry, for export markets, and for specialist uses, such as gluten-free diets – please contact one of the Pulses UK member companies listed on our web site. If you would like advice on the most appropriate Pulses UK member to contact, please visit our contacts page.