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Lewis Cottey was elected President at the Pulses UK Annual Meeting in March 2019, with James Maguire stepping up as Vice-President.

Pulses UK (formerly BEPA) is the trade association representing the processors and users of British-produced pulse crops – these are mainly combining peas and field beans.

Our key objectives are to liaise with UK government and other national and international associations, and with crop scientists and plant breeders, to encourage the consumption of home-produced pulses. We will do this by promoting the value of pulses as healthy, high-protein and high-fibre foods.

Our website brings you our history, contact information for our members, pulses in the press and media, the latest pulse market background, a perspective on pulses internationally, and an introduction to the many end uses for UK-produced pulses.

We also give details of our main contacts. If you would like to know more about us, and the important role pulses play in the UK’s agricultural and food sectors, please contact us



BEPA was formed in 1975 to succeed the Pea Pickers and Pea Packers Association.
The purpose of the association is to support the interests of its Members by:

  • Liaising with UK Government and other national and international associations.

  • Encouraging the consumption of home-produced pulses by promoting their value as healthy, high protein and high fibre foods.

  • Adding to the diversity of UK-produced pulse crops by liaising with crop scientists and plant breeders.

  • Providing a forum where members can exchange views, agree policy and develop their businesses through discussions on a variety of topics.

The achievements of BEPA include:

  • The promotion of British pulses to export markets in the middle and far east.

  • The identification of new varieties that allow UK-produced crops to replace imported produce.

  • The development of seed and produce quality schemes, when needed, to ensure that UK pulses are of the highest quality for varietal purity.

  • The extension of aid schemes to encompass human consumption pulses.

  • The introduction of special recipes that exploit the value-for-money and nutritional properties of UK pulses.

British Edible Pulse Association (Presidents)

2017- F Smith
2015-2017 CR Collings
2013-2015 A Bury
2011-2013 P Smith
2009-2011 P Rix
2007-2009 H Jackson
2005-2007 J Martin
2003-2005 PE Barrett
2001-2003 AMM Donald
1999-2001 J Manners
1997-1999 AC Church
1994-1997 A Wymer
1992-1994 D Shreeve
1990-1992 G Lodge
1987-1990 DEB Trehearn
1985-1987 G Jopling
1983-1985 RG Adcock
1979-1983 FH Nicholls JP
1977-1979 JH Gosling
1975-1977 JH Fletcher

Pea Pickers and Pea Packers Association (Chairmen)

1973-1975 JH Fletcher
1971-1973 GW Dean
1967-1971 JH Fletcher
1960-1967 JCW Stead
1950-1959 H Hubbard