Judging took place for the 2019 Pulse UK Sample Competition at the PGRO on Tuesday 29 October.

Robert Brown and his fellow judges Lewis Cottey, James Maguire, Franek Smith and Graham Carter had a busy and productive morning session evaluating the samples submitted by members.
There was a high standard of samples, with the better summer than last year and improved yields overall, being followed by a difficult harvest.
The winners and runners up certainly deserved their ratings and full results will be announced at the Pulses UK Annual Dinner on Thursday 14 October at Belton Woods 

Awards will be given to the winning grower and their merchant in six classes: Any Variety Marrowfat, Any Variety Large Blue, Spring Beans, Winter Beans, Yellow Pea, and Any Other Pea.   





Examples of Samples submitted

judge1 judge2

Checking and judging samples


Deciding winners