Pulse Canada Initiatives


Pulse Canada is the organisation in Canada that is (approximately) equivalent to BEPA and PGRO in the UK.

The major pulses grown in Canada are beans and peas, as in the UK. They are also major producers of lentils and chick peas, not grown on a commercial scale in the UK.

Pulse Canada have a comprehensive web site that details a range of initiatives that will be of interest to BEPA members and other visitors to the BEPA website.

You can visit the home page here: www.pulsecanada.com

We highlight in particular a new challenge called ‘HALF CUP HABIT’ www.pulses.org/nap/half-cup-habit/


Kick Start Your Health!

Start your Half-Cup Habit with a 4-week challenge to eat ½ cup of pulses three times per week! Why eat pulses? Pulses are packed with protein, fiber and essential nutrients to help you maintain a healthy weight and improve overall wellbeing, not to mention they’re delicious and easy to cook!

If you would like to know more about the end uses of pulses - for the feed industry, for the food industry, for export markets, and for specialist uses, such as gluten-free diets - please contact one of the Pulses UK member companies listed on our web site. If you would like advice on the most appropriate Pulses UK member to contact, please visit our contacts page.